In 2020, EntryPoint had great conversations with 40+ thought leaders across the country on The Cackle and we all want more!  So in 2021, we are continuing the conversation with those guests to dig a little deeper into topics that matter. Like the evolution of company culture in a post-pandemic world.

Keep Cackling with Amanda Lewan from Bamboo

Last year when I was on The Cackle, the world was just adjusting to life in quarantine. A year later, in many ways, the end of the pandemic is on the horizon. At Bamboo, we’ve witnessed firsthand the trends of new and hybrid work styles emerge, and we are continuing to see them take shape today. While much about the future of work remains unknown, it’s clear that work for many will remain more flexible than before the pandemic.

I talked with Emily on an episode of The Cackle about how work styles and company culture had shifted in the early months of the pandemic, but let’s dig deeper into the evolution of work styles and company culture in a post-pandemic world.

Work from Home Burnout.

The biggest trend we’re seeing right now, a year into the pandemic, is work from home burnout. Many people are anxious to get back out of their house and return safely to a work space. Many people coming into our co-working spaces miss the division of home and work life, or crave a simple change of environment that encourages mental wellness, creativity, and connection.

Flex Work Schedules.

Though they may be returning to a coworking space, it’s not to a 9-5 office routine. One of the biggest things we’re seeing change is the amount of time spent inside an office. Most people cite a wish for a balance of 2 days at home and 3 days in an office or vise versa.This allows for more flexible time at home, but balances that time with in-person collaborations that can’t be as easily replaced in a virtual setting. In coworking spaces, we’re seeing larger teams choosing flexible passes for their teams to use their offices (private or shared) as needed.

Offices as Collaboration Rooms.

Some teams are looking at instead of an office HQ, utilizing their own private team space as an ideation space. Others are taking smaller footprints in co-working spaces that have many ways to meet and connect  in the facility already. The trend we’re seeing is finding intentional ways to get back together for in-person meetings that complement day to day work.

More Flex Work = More Video Calls!

Many teams will still be hybrid or allow virtual work options in their future plans. This means, zoom calls aren’t going away anytime soon. Constant virtual communication, tools, and virtual events will continue to be options or mixed into daily routines for companies. Teams are thinking how they use an office as a zoom room, and plan to take more meetings hybrid than before.

Hub & Spoke Office Footprints.

Now that we’ve opened in Downtown Royal Oak, we’re seeing a big trend of many people who live in a suburb seeking to find an office much closer to their home rather than commuting to Downtown. We’re also seeing some build teams at each location, complimenting work from home with a nearby space and tapping into Downtown amenities.  It all depends on the location of the team and the talent they wish to support, but it’s certainly a shift towards more suburban workspace demand than before the pandemic.

Overall, we look forward to seeing teams continue to find community, inspire collaboration, and stay connected as we exit the pandemic together. We hope to see co-working spaces rise, but also the intentional continued support of our small business and startup ecosystem to help make for a strong recovery for all.

About Amanda Lewan & Bamboo

Amanda Lewan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Bamboo, a Michigan-based coworking, office and community space designed for growth. Amanda is an angel investor and advises on building inclusive startup ecosystems.

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