The Cackle: Episode #53

Growing an Idea into a Successful Business

SPECIAL GUEST: Marc Howland, Co-Founder & CEO, Breadless
AIRED ON: Wednesday, March 31st on Facebook Live or Twitter at 10:30 am EST


Marc Howland, Co-Founder and CEO of Breadless, joins The Cackle to discuss growing an idea into a successful business.

Marc Howland spent the past 10 years having to make special requests off of the menu anytime he was not eating at home. He was asking for sandwiches without bread, and what he got back was sloppy, disintegrating, or just a protein on a plate. There was simply no existing restaurant designed to make delicious sandwiches without bread as a core menu item. After becoming fed up with the lack of available options, Marc spoke with his then fiancée and now wife, LC, and affirmed that somebody needed to fix this problem and it might as well be them. LC recommended to also connect with mutual friend and celebrity chef, Ryan. The rest is Breadless®

Marc is a Harvard Business School graduate with honors, a former investment banker from Goldman Sachs, and private equity investor at The Carlyle Group. He helped execute more than $70 billion worth of global M&A and financing transactions in the tech, media, telecom, infrastructure and sports facility finance markets.

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