EntryPoint partners with organizations to conduct comprehensive research that offers insights regarding all operational facets of entrepreneurship, including sources of capital, capital availability, demographics, sectors, stages of growth, resources, geographies, and consumer confidence. Specifically, our research activities involve:

  • Analyzing investment trends in startups and local businesses.
  • Conducting mixed-method research related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. To best highlight patterns across the entrepreneurial landscape, EntryPoint uses quantitative research that reveals the “big picture” of these communities. To illustrate the tangible impacts of these trends, we utilize qualitative research to capture the “voice” and experiences of individuals in the community.
  • Packaging our research in an accessible way. Our reports are designed to include both comprehensible messaging and graphics that aid in data visualization so that they are easily accessible to a broad range of constituents.

Interested in partnering with us? Contact EntryPoint at Info@entrypointmi.com.

Our Work

Data Security and Privacy Statement


EntryPoint takes data security and privacy seriously.  Data collected by EntryPoint is compiled and reported on an aggregate basis in all cases unless explicitly stated otherwise. EntryPoint acknowledges and agrees that personal information and individual responses to any surveying we do as part of our research are confidential. We use a paid, secure platform to collect data via survey.  All surveys are SSL enabled to provide a high level of security to individuals and organizations when submitting their survey responses.

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