What do we do?

We partner with economic development organizations and nonprofits to foster inclusive and vibrant communities across the Midwest through research and community-focused programming.

If you are an organization that is passionate about supporting your community and wants to develop programs and provide resources focused on:

  • Addressing the changing needs of the small business and startup community
  • Building more inclusive programs and supporting a more diverse and equitable community
  • Building programs that support the unique challenges of the entire community you serve
  • Advocating for needed policy, programs and initiatives – being the unified voice of the community

We can help!  We LOVE working with people that are strategic, value listening to the needs of community members, and are passionate about building more opportunity in their communities. 

Learn more about our research services HERE

Upcoming Programs

  • Genesee County Small Business Showcase – coming in June 2021
  • Midwest Small Business Showcase – coming in July 2021

Our Recent Programs

  • Screenshot of The Cackle 2020 Research Activities and Programs
  • Gifts for Adults
  • EntryPoint Startup Ecosystem Report Midwest Nonprofit Organization Accelerate Michigan 2019
  • 2020 Midwest Gift Guide - startup and small business trends
  • minority-owned businesses
  • EntryPoint The cackle Carrie Jones
  • EntryPoint promoting entrepreneurship in Midwest
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