ClickonDetroit 11/10/2020: Ann Arbor-based EntryPoint releases its 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide

Nonprofit research institution EntryPoint has released its 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide in order to boost sales this holiday season at local businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused small businesses to lose a significant amount of revenue and even close permanently since it began in March. The guide includes gifts under $10, $30, $50 and $100, gifts for men, women and children and also highlights businesses that are women- and minority-owned.
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Concentrate 10/14/2020: Ann Arbor nonprofit to release holiday gift guide spotlighting Midwest businesses

“Q4 is always super important for small businesses,” Heintz says. “We’ve wanted to turn [that awareness] up a bit because if people are shopping how they normally shop, half on Amazon and half with small business, that will have a huge detriment to the small business community.” Small businesses across the Midwest have submitted their information and products to be featured in the guide, and EntryPoint will also feature 20 Midwest businesses on its Facebook Live interview series, “The Cackle,” from Nov. 30-Dec. 4.
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Crain’s Detroit Business 10/12/2020: In Michigan, women support women in the startup ecosystem

“Diverse teams are more profitable and that’s appealing to any investor,” said Emily Heintz, founder and managing director of Michigan-based research organization EntryPoint. “When you have more venture capitalists that are women, you see more women-owned startups being funded. That number has been trending up the past few years.”
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Midwest Startups 10/8/2020: Why Detroit is Poised for Rapid Entrepreneurial Growth

This year was unexpected to say the least. As the Founder and Managing Director of EntryPoint, a nonprofit research institution that delivers comprehensive research insights and implements effective data-driven programs to promote entrepreneurship across the Midwest, I’ve seen the data on where the Midwest economy stands before and after the many curveballs small businesses and startups have encountered over the course of the year. And while I am not surprised by the data, I can say that I am very encouraged and enthusiastic about the resiliency of the Midwest high-tech entrepreneurial ecosystem.
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dBusiness 10/5/2020: COVID-19 Update: Michigan Residents Will Have Access to Ambetter Health Insurance, Adient Sells Automotive Fabrics Business, and More

EntryPoint says it is looking for Midwest-based companies with fewer than 25 employees and produce a product or service people can purchase online for the holidays. All small businesses from any sector or industry are encouraged to submit the form to be listed in the holiday gift guide. Selected business owners will have the opportunity to talk about one or two products they make and will be selling during the holiday season.
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Cleveland.com 10/3/2020: Ohio small businesses can appear in EntryPoint’s 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide this holiday season

EntryPoint, a nonprofit research organization, is helping Midwest small businesses display their products and services this holiday season. EntryPoint encourages people to buy locally, and it is launching the 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide, where Midwestern businesses can promote their products and services. Businesses must have 25 or fewer employees and sell an item or service that could be bought for the holidays. The guide will be showcased in November and December, and submissions are due by Oct. 11 here.
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Concentrate 8/26/2020: Despite pandemic, new report shows strong entrepreneurial ecosystem for Ann Arbor tech businesses

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact, a recently released report from Ann Arbor research nonprofit EntryPoint shows a strong Ann Arbor entrepreneurial ecosystem. The 2020 Ann Arbor Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report notes 2019 was a record-breaking year for startup investments in the Ann Arbor area, with 35 high-tech startups attracting more than $198 million from venture capital firms. Emily Heintz, EntryPoint founder and managing director, says that’s helped startups through 2020 since they received the capital before the pandemic.
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Michigan Business Network 8/21/2020: Emily Heintz | EntryPoint Report On Washtenaw County’s Tech Ecosystem

Emily Heintz joins Chris Holman on the Michigan Business Beat. Emily is the Founder and Managing Director of EntryPoint located in Ann Arbor, MI. EntryPoint is a research institution that aims to promote entrepreneurship across the Midwest. In the interview, Emily provides some insights from a recently released report on Washtenaw County’s tech ecosystem.
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ClickonDetroit 8/20/2020: Ann Arbor startups still strong during pandemic, report finds

Despite the coronavirus pandemic impacting local businesses, Ann Arbor can add the title of startup leader to its many accolades, according to a new report. Released on Aug. 17, by Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurial research nonprofit EntryPoint, the 2020 Ann Arbor Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report report found that Ann Arbor’s high-tech ecosystem is going strong and that 38% of Michigan high-tech startup companies call Washtenaw County home.
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Michigan Business Network 8/20/2020: EntryPoint | 2020 Ann Arbor Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report Panel Discussion

As a nonprofit research institution, EntryPoint is dedicated to promoting healthy entrepreneurship in communities like Ann Arbor. Specifically, we are committed to partnering with businesses, investors, and other organizations to deliver research insights that help us all to understand the themes that define our entrepreneurial economy and implement effective programs based upon our findings. Thus, we at EntryPoint offer you this report, which identifies many of the key trends, successes, and challenges that characterize Ann Arbor.
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dBusiness 8/17/2020: Report: Ann Arbor Area has 38% of State’s Venture-backed Companies

“Ann Arbor has a history of founders who have launched successful companies and continue to invest in the region,” says Emily Heintz, founder and managing director of EntryPoint. “We’ve seen this with Arbor Networks, Duo Security, and now Censys, where founders develop groundbreaking solutions and hire talented people who then start their own ventures, creating a continuous cycle of innovation that only gets stronger as time goes on. As tough as these times may be, the region is resilient because of a well-established foundation of talent, research, capital, and community, making it one of the main hubs of startup growth in the Midwest.”
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Crain’s Detroit Business 8/17/2020: Ann Arbor area startups weather pandemic, new report finds

The Ann Arbor area continues to lead the state when it comes to startup activity, according to the results of a new survey. The 2020 Ann Arbor Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report, released Monday by Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurial research nonprofit EntryPoint, found that Washtenaw County boasts more than one-third of all of Michigan’s high-tech, high-growth companies.
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Cronicle Tech New 8/17/2020: Washtenaw County’s Economic Resilience Uneven But Holds Through COVID

EntryPoint today just released its 2020 Ann Arbor Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report, which covers everything from 20 years of growth in the Ann Arbor startup ecosystem to impact reports of recent events. If you’re interested in how Ann Arbor came to be recognized as an emerging tech hub for software/security and life science startups, this is a great report to dig into, and to see up-to-the-minute trends as it also addresses the very recent impact of COVID-19 on the region’s economy.
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Crain’s Detroit Business 8/16/2020: Coworking spaces hold out hope for people sick of WFH

“I find that coworking spaces (are) really good to have a soft landing for a pretty low commitment, especially in regions that real estate and parking costs are so high,” said Emily Heintz, the founder and managing director of EntryPoint, an Ann Arbor-based nonprofit entrepreneurial research organization. “So between Detroit, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, you find a lot of times, the cost of renting an office is so high that it’s really a barrier to entry to actually starting a business and growing your team. It’s kind of a catch-22.”
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Crain’s Detroit Business 8/9/2020: What’s Next: In bets on future, startup investment remains healthy as deals keep getting done

Emily Heintz, founder and managing director of EntryPoint, an Ann Arbor-based nonprofit that researches entrepreneurial and startup economies, said she has few worries when it comes to the general technology sector and most company’s ability to weather the storm. Many have long operated with remote workforces, she noted, and those who may not make it through likely had deeper problems pre-pandemic, Heintz said.
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Crain’s Detroit Business 6/12/2020: VC leaders call for more inclusive startup economy

That disparity was of concern to EntryPoint founder and Managing Partner Emily Heintz. “So I think that’s something that’s really critical for people to look at, within any county that they’re in,” Heintz said last month. “That access to capital really is a larger issue for minority-owned businesses.”
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Concentrate 6/3/2020: Report shows major losses, stark racial disparity in COVID-19’s impact on Washtenaw County business

Emily Heintz, EntryPoint founder and managing director, says the racial disparity in the data was “very stark.” “We don’t do any sort of finessing of the data. It just is what it is,” she says. “I think in a report like this, where you’re just telling people the facts and then they can draw whatever conclusions they want, the very obvious conclusion is that minority-owned businesses don’t have the same access to capital that white-owned businesses do.”
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ClickonDetroit 5/27/2020: Report: 97% of Ann Arbor businesses impacted by COVID-19 pandemic

The majority of business owners in Ann Arbor reported being impacted by the coronavirus health crisis, according to a new report by EntryPoint. The research-based nonprofit surveyed 185 businesses across the city of Ann Arbor, 48% of which are located in the downtown area. Of the respondents, 85% of the businesses have fewer than 25 employees, while 70% have fewer than 10.
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Crain’s Detroit Business 5/26/2020: Minority-owned businesses in Washtenaw County struggle to find resources

Minority-owned businesses in Washtenaw County have drastically lagged behind white-owned businesses in securing business relief loans during the coronavirus crisis. That’s one of the chief findings in the Washtenaw County COVID-19 Business Impact Report from EntryPoint, an Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurial research nonprofit. The ongoing survey also highlights the extent to which Washtenaw County’s small businesses, the vast majority of which employ fewer than 10 people, have seen their revenue take a major hit due to the state’s mandated shutdown.
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MLive 5/26/2020: 60% of Washtenaw County businesses lost half their revenue during COVID-19 shutdown, report says

EntryPoint partnered with local chambers of commerce, downtown development groups, municipalities and other community organizations to provide insight on the effect of COVID-19 and the stay-home order in Michigan, which began in mid-March. The 403 businesses were asked 24 questions about their business’s preparedness for changes to e-commerce or remote work, their business type, demographics and more.
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Cronicle Tech New 5/26/2020: Washtenaw County COVID-19 Business Impact Report Now Available

Michigan’s business analysis firm EntryPoint has just released the Washtenaw County COVID-19 Business Impact Report to help business owners and investors examine the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on local business and investment.
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Concentrate 5/11/2020: Washtenaw County businesses invited to participate in survey measuring COVID-19’s economic impact

Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurial research nonprofit EntryPoint recently launched the COVID-19 Washtenaw County Business Impact Survey, which is open to county-based businesses of any size in any sector. The survey includes questions on what actions businesses have had to take as a result of the pandemic, how their revenue has changed, what assistance they need, and how they’ve pivoted as a result of the crisis.
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Crain’s Detroit Business 5/3/2020: Group’s to explore economic impact of COVID-19 in Washtenaw County

EntryPoint LLC, an Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurial research organization, has formed a task force with county governmental bodies, business groups and nonprofits. Beginning Monday the groups are distributing a short survey to businesses that aims to measure the impact of COVID-19 on local businesses in Washtenaw County.
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dBusiness 4/13/2020: Report: Venture Capital in Michigan Had Record Year, Led by Rivian in Plymouth Township

The Michigan Venture Capital Association in Novi today released its 2020 MVCA Research Report, developed by EntryPoint, that shows the state had a record-breaking year in 2019, with 71 startups in the state receiving nearly $2.1 billion in venture capital investment, a 39-percent increase in the number of startups, and more than nine times the amount of capital over the last five years.
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Michigan Business Network 4/13/2020: The 2020 MVCA Research Report Is Here!

The 2020 MVCA Research Report, developed by EntryPoint, was released today. The report shows strong Michigan venture capital firms are a critical factor in the success of Michigan startups. With Michigan venture investors backing nearly every Michigan venture-funded startup, the health of our state’s entrepreneurial economy hinges on our ability to provide capital to our high-tech, high-potential companies.
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MiBiz 4/13/2020: Venture capital pours record $2.06 billion into Michigan companies in 2019

Venture capital firms invested a record amount into Michigan-based companies in 2019, led by a Plymouth-based automotive technology company that accounted for three-quarters of the total. The $1.55 billion investment in Rivian LLC lifted total venture capital investments in Michigan to $2.06 billion across 71 deals last year, according to an annual research report released today by the Michigan Venture Capital Association and developed by EntryPoint.
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Crain’s Detroit Business 4/12/2020: Report: VC sector coming off ‘record-breaking’ 2019

The MVCA report comes less than two weeks after a new report by Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurial research organization EntryPoint LLC — which also researched and developed the MVCA report — on the state of entrepreneurship in Detroit and the broader metropolitan region.
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Cronicle Tech News 4/9/2020: The Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report Is Now Available

Michigan-based EntryPoint has just released their 2020 Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report, two months ahead of schedule to provide extra data to aid in the development of business support programs to address the COVID-19 outbreak in Michigan. The report consists of comprehensive analysis of Detroit’s high-tech entrepreneurial community over the last six years, along with notes on how businesses are handling the current coronavirus outbreak in a city that has just recovered from municipal bankruptcy only to be hit by another economic downturn.
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dBusiness 4/7/2020: EntryPoint in Ann Arbor Releases 2020 Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report

EntryPoint, a nonprofit research institution in Ann Arbor, has released the 2020 Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report. The study provides insights into Detroit’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including the development of entrepreneurial support programs as small businesses and startups navigate the changing economic climate. “While the report shows promising data of the steady growth of startups in Detroit, there is no denying the COVID-19 pandemic will heavily impact small businesses and startups,” says Emily Heintz, founder and managing director of EntryPoint.
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Crain’s Detroit Business 4/1/2020: Report: Detroit entrepreneurial economy saw growth before COVID-19, good omen for after crisis

Detroit and Southeast Michigan’s entrepreneurial startup community remains strong, but the cloud of COVID-19 makes it anyone’s guess how that may look in the coming months. That’s the key message of the new 2020 Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report released Wednesday by EntryPoint, an Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurial research organization that studies startup economies around the Midwest.
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The Detroit News 3/12/2020: Opinion: Helping Detroit entrepreneurs and startups thrive

The 2019 Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report identified four contributing factors that would lend to creating a more robust, diverse entrepreneurial system: capital, talent, research and community. With this in mind, MEDC is striving to develop opportunities for Detroiters, and Michigan residents…
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Crain’s Detroit Business 2/26/2020: Gilbert’s Rocket Fiber sold to Cleveland broadband firm Everstream

Emily Heintz, the founder and managing partner of Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurial research organization EntryPoint, said the exit by Rocket Fiber’s founders could likely have spinoff effects for the area’s technology economy. “Rocket Fiber’s acquisition will make them one of the largest acquisitions of a telecom startup in Michigan’s history,” Heintz wrote in an email to Crain’s. “What is exciting about this acquisition is the impact it will have on the Midwest. Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to growing the region and have successfully launched a company — on top of having national recognition and capital — are exactly the type of catalyst an evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem needs.”
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dBusiness 2/5/2020: Ann Arbor’s EntryPoint Announces Community Engagement Manager

EntryPoint in Ann Arbor has announced that Molly Theis has joined the firm as community engagement manager. In this position, Theis connects leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by hosting events that surround trends, successes or gaps in market related findings from EntryPoint’s research. She has nearly 10 years of experience in event strategy and execution. “I’m thrilled to join EntryPoint to develop programs and initiatives that will support the growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems across the Midwest,” says Theis. “I’ve collaborated with EntryPoint founder and managing director, Emily Heintz, for several years and had the opportunity to assist EntryPoint with the MVCA Annual Awards Dinner and the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition last year. I look forward to building upon our pipeline of community engagement projects.”
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Cronicle Tech News 2/2/2020: EntryPoint’s Emily Heintz On The Challenge Of Tech Growth In Michigan

“The need for capital far exceeds available capital in Michigan,” Heintz says. “The investor base here is also not always looking to geographically restrict their investing, and many Michigan companies still go to the coasts to raise funding.” “There is an 8 to 1 ratio of capital coming from outside the state to capital coming from inside the state,” Heintz tells us. “That can lead to a tipping point of too much capital from outside pulling companies outside the state,” where further funding and connections required for growth are available.
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Crain’s Detroit Business 1/30/2020: Techstars Detroit accelerator program halts operations

“Techstars laid down roots in Detroit at a pivotal time in the city’s evolution into an entrepreneurial ecosystem, where we’ve seen a 54 percent increase in the number of startups in the last five years,” said Emily Heintz, founder and managing director of EntryPoint, an Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurial research firm that produced a report last year on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Detroit. “Detroit’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is now in a different and better place than it was five years ago when the accelerator first launched,” Heintz wrote in an email to Crain’s.
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Michigan Business Network 1/17/2020: Molly Theis Joins EntryPoint As Community Engagement Manager

EntryPoint announced this week that Molly Theis has joined its team as community engagement manager. In this role, Theis connects leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by strategically hosting events around emerging trends, successes or gaps in the market related to findings from EntryPoint’s research. She brings nearly ten years of experience in event strategy and execution to lead partnership and business development initiatives at EntryPoint.
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Crain’s Detroit Business 1/16/2020: Invest Detroit announces new partnership with Google

“A new partnership with Google aims to bolster mentorship opportunities and deepen the resource pool for entrepreneurs in Southeast Michigan and around the state. ID Ventures, the venture arm of nonprofit Invest Detroit, announced Wednesday that Google’s startup accelerator program, Google Developers Launchpad, would partner with the Detroit-based organization in an effort to better provide services aimed at helping early-stage startups achieve scale.”
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MITechnews.com 1/13/2020: Former MVCA Program Director Theis Joins EntryPoint

“EntryPoint announced that Molly Theis has joined its team as community engagement manager. She previously was program director at the Michigan Venture Capital Association. In this role, Theis connects leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by strategically hosting events around emerging trends, successes or gaps in the market related to findings from EntryPoint’s research.”
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Concentrate 1/8/2020: New report aims to map investment in Washtenaw County, increase investment in undercapitalized areas

“A group of community partners has launched a public survey that aims to map investment activity across Washtenaw County with the goal of building a more inclusive economy for all residents. The 2020 Washtenaw County Capital Report is being spearheaded by Ypsilanti-based investment advisory firm Revalue and the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation. They have also partnered with EntryPoint to implement the research project.”
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Detroit Driven Mobility Moments 11/7/2020

“Detroit has a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, and given the right support, the Detroit region can continue to see healthy growth, especially in mobility startups.  This is Driven’s Mobility Moments Podcast where we talk with the people building the mobility ecosystem in the Detroit region. In this episode, my guest is Emily Heintz, founder and managing director of EntryPoint. Emily shared EntryPoint’s groundbreaking research about how innovation thrives in Detroit, what we do well, and what we need more of. Emily also says now is the time for Detroit to set the industry standard for diversity and inclusion in the high-tech ecosystem.”
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Crain’s Detroit Business 8/1/2019: AOL, Warby Parker, Allbirds founders make $7.5 million investment in Detroit-based Bloomscape

“Bloomscape Inc., a Detroit-based online potted-plant company, aims to grow with a $7.5 million Series A funding round led by AOL co-founder Steve Case’s Revolution Ventures and joined by founders of such e-commerce revolutionaries as Warby Parker and Allbirds.  Case’s fund is among national organizations looking outside heavily saturated startup hubs to places like Detroit that “don’t have as much capital, but have a lot of really good meat on the bones” in terms of talent and product quality, said Emily Heintz, a venture capital expert.”
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Crain’s Detroit Business 8/5/2019: Detroit tech startup community seeing sustained momentum, report finds

“Detroit’s tech startup community is gaining traction and staying power, according to a new report from Ann Arbor-based EntryPoint LLC.  This is the data startup’s second annual Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report, though founder and venture capital expert Emily Heintz has been collecting and analyzing the data for five years.”
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Michigan Venture Capital Association Blog 8/9/2019: 2019 Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report Highlights the Growth of Detroit’s Startup Community

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MITechnews.com 8/11/2019: Network Security, Tech248 Update, Detroit Entrepreneur Report

Emily Heintz talks about the 2019 Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report.
Listen here.

Inc. Magazine 6/2019: An Insider’s Guide to Detroit, Everyone’s Favorite Underdog City

“From The Schvitz to The Shinola Hotel, Detroit, Inc.’s No. 45 Surge City is experiencing a post-bankruptcy entrepreneurial boom. Come for the nascent Ikea competitors–and stay for the emerging Tesla rivals.”
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Crain’s 4/27/2019: Venture capital investments grow in Michigan, but available dollars dwindle

“Last year was a good-news, worrisome-news year for the state’s venture-capital community, according to the just-released 2019 MVCA Research Report.  The good news? A dramatic record of $385 million was invested in 61 companies in Michigan.”
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Michigan Business Network 4/22/2019: The 2019 MVCA Research Report Is Here! (Shows Record-Breaking Year Of Investment In Michigan-Based Startup Companies)

Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA),  the nonprofit trade association that increases the amount of capital and talent for Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community, announced the release of the 2019 MVCA Research Report, a comprehensive analysis of investment activity in the state and was developed by EntryPoint.
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Crain’s 4/16/2019: Report: Michigan venture capital community marks record-breaking year of investment

Michigan’s venture capital ecosystem benefited from a record-breaking year of investment in startups in 2018. A total of 61 Michigan startups landed $385 million from venture capital firms, according to Ann Arbor-based Michigan Venture Capital Association’s annual research report, developed by EntryPoint, released Monday.
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Chicago Inno 3/18/2019: These 10 Women are Driving Detroit’s Entrepreneurial Growth

“Last week’s report about the state of women leadership in Chicago tech was a powerful reminder of where our successes are and where we can continue to improve. The data creates actionable opportunity for everyone — from individual contributors, to executives, to investors — to catalyze our city and industry toward fostering a more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem for all underestimated, and thus underrepresented, minorities in tech.”
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Crunchbase 2/22/2019: With The Help Of Loyal Talent And New Programs, Detroit’s Startup Scene Accelerates

“In the past five years Michigan’s focus on entrepreneurship and the importance of retaining youth has become commonplace across multiple cities”
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Startup Blink 2/5/2019:  Detroit Startup Ecosystem Report

“Detroit is Motown, the Motor City, the automobile capital of the world.  For decades, Detroit had a reputation as being a one-industry town.  That’s changing.  Detroit and the surrounding counties have a population of about four million, many of whom left the city for the suburbs over the past several decades.  More recently, though, people and businesses have started moving into the city again.  The secret is out: Detroit is coming back.”
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Corp! 1/25/2019: Money Speaks: In the Startup Scene, Getting Capital to the Table is Key to What Comes Next

“Detroit’s revving entrepreneurial engine is also luring capital investment from outside the state.  EntryPoint’s 2018 Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report found the city is becoming a burgeoning tech hub…”
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Site Selection 1/24/2019: Who Are These Guys?

“There have been a lot of really great ingredients in Ann Arbor for a long period of time, and we’re just now starting to see those ingredients come together to make something great. Duo is a great example,” she says, adding that Duo’s pricey acquisition by Cisco means that “a lot of people with experience with Duo will have some extra liquidity and will be looking to make investments of their own. We’ll see people leave Duo and start more companies in Ann Arbor.”
Read more in Site Selection Magazine

Xconomy 1/18/2019: How 3 Detroit Founders Built Tech Startups Despite City’s Bankruptcy

“Over the past five years, Detroit has experienced a quiet resurgence, turning itself into a burgeoning tech hub that has attracted the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Twitter. According to ​EntryPoint’s 2018 Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report​, over a quarter of high-tech companies in Michigan are now located in Detroit, and 37 venture-backed startups in the city have raised nearly $200 million in venture funding in total. High-tech jobs in Detroit have experienced a 26 percent growth in the last three years, the report found.”
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dBusiness 11/5/2020: Report: More Than Half of Investments in Detroit Startups in IT

Ann Arbor’s EntryPoint, an organization that works to advance the entrepreneurial community by promoting inclusion, community engagement, and education, has released new data that shows 56 percent of venture capital invested in Detroit was in information technology startups in the last year. The report also says there has been a 54-percent increase in the number of Detroit-based, venture-backed startups in the last four years.
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Crain’s 10/30/2018: Detroit startup report: Money grows, but diversity lagging

“More money is funneling into Detroit’s tech startup community, but the list of companies gaining traction still doesn’t reflect the makeup of the city, according to a new report.  Ann Arbor-based research startup EntryPoint on Tuesday released its 2018 Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report.”
Read more in Crain’s

MITechNews.com 10/31/2018: Report: 56 Percent Of Venture Capital In Michigan Invested In IT Startups

A new report released this week show 56 percent of venture capital was invested in information technology startups over the past year. More than 25 percent of venture-backed startups in Michigan are now located in Detroit.
Read more on MITechNews.com

Crain’s 9/23/2018: Distance between Ann Arbor and Detroit shrinking as entrepreneur links strengthen

“Bill Ford Jr. envisions the 104-year-old train depot in Detroit that Ford Motor Co. bought this year could create a mobility corridor on Michigan Avenue from Detroit to Ann Arbor.  But the connection between those two cities — one that was tenuous at best only a year ago — is already beginning to blossom as Detroit’s entrepreneurial community grows.”
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Concentrate 9/12/2018: What does Duo Security’s sale mean for the Ann Arbor area and its tech industry?

“Ann Arbor-area entrepreneurs and tech industry insiders are still buzzing about the larger implications of Ann Arbor-based cybersecurity company Duo Security’s early August sale to San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco for $2.35 billion.”
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Xconomy 8/9/2018:  Lack of Diversity isn’t a “Pipeline Problem,” it’s a Network Problem

“The primary reason investment portfolios are predominately male and Caucasian isn’t because there is a “pipeline problem,” it’s because there is a network problem. Research shows that your network predominately looks like and comes from a similar background as you.”
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Crain’s 8/5/2018:  Duo Security’s mammoth deal could have ripple effects

“Last fall, Duo Security Inc. toasted a venture capital deal that valued the company at more than a billion dollars.  Now, just nine months later, its founders and investors are toasting a sale of the company that more than doubled that value.  And the ripples from that deal could be felt for years to come.  Last week, the Ann Arbor-based computer security company agreed to be acquired by Cisco Systems Inc. for $2.35 billion nine months after being valued at half that amount.”
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Xconomy 5/18/2018:  EntryPoint Aims to Increase Inclusion, Diversity in Startup Ecosystem

“Innovation benefits from different perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas, but it’s hard to access those ideas if one is in an echo chamber—to the entire ecosystem’s detriment.  That’s why EntryPoint, a new effort to advance inclusion in the local entrepreneurial community, is underway in Michigan.”
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Concentrate 5/16/2018: New Ann Arbor company aims to strengthen Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

“After five years serving Michigan’s entrepreneurial community as associate director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA), Emily Heintz is becoming an entrepreneur herself.”
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M2 TechCast 5/14/2018 (Episode 127): EntryPoint, Creative Consortium, Cybernoor

Emily Heintz talks about her new project, EntryPoint, that seeks to fill the gaps in Michigan entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Listen here.

MITechNews.com 5/10/2018: EntryPoint Seeks To Fill The Funding, Training Gaps In Michigan Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

“Emily Heintz, Associate Director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association, has spent a decade working with a wide range of entrepreneurial support groups and startups, in which she found gaps in funding, talent and research that she felt needed to be filled.”
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Crain’s 5/8/2018:  Venture capital, entrepreneurship expert launches connector startup

“Emily Heintz, a finance professional with a breadth of experience supporting the state’s venture capital and entrepreneurship communities, has launched her own startup.”
Read more in Crain’s Detroit Business

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