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EntryPoint partners with organizations to deliver comprehensive research insights and implement effective data-driven programs that promote entrepreneurship across the Midwest.

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“The MVCA Annual Research Report is the cornerstone for our ability to assess the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Michigan. The report is a fundamental piece of the Michigan Venture Capital Association that has helped us identify the needs of our investment community and develop programs that will grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The creation of the report showcases EntryPoint’s ability to work with multiple constituents with different goals and create a consistently high-quality, relevant report year after year.”

Jeff Rinvelt, Chairman of the MVCA Research Committee and Principal of Renaissance Venture Capital

Check out the 2020 MVCA Research Report 

Jeff Rinvelt, Renaissance Venture Capital

“Great job to the EntryPoint team! As Michigan’s largest and longest-running business competition, Accelerate Michigan has established our state as a dynamic and welcoming place for diverse startups that will positively impact our region and the world.”

Pam Lewis, New Economy Initiative, event sponsor and panelist

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Pam Lewis, New Economy Initiative

Ann Arbor startups

“At U-M Tech Transfer, we are constantly working to understand the funding climate for our startup companies.  The MVCA Annual Research Report is our singular go-to resource for understanding the state of venture capital in our state. The production of a report of this size and depth is a major undertaking that requires a great deal of analytical aptitude, coordination, expertise and diligence.  EntryPoint does exceptional job in managing this very complex task.”

Kelly B. Sexton, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Research Technology Transfer and Innovation Partnerships, Office of Technology Transfer, University of Michigan

Check out the 2020 MVCA Research Report 

Kelly B. Sexton, Ph.D., Office of Technology Transfer,University of Michigan

“The MVCA Annual Research Report provides critical insight into the health of Michigan’s entrepreneurial and venture capital ecosystem, and is an important tool to help guide the strategic planning of the Michigan Venture Capital Association.  EntryPoint is a trusted partner to MVCA, and the Michigan venture capital community more broadly, in executing the preparation of the report and driving the deep underlying analytics that showcase venture capital activity in Michigan.”

Michael Gross, Chairman of the MVCA Board of Directors and Managing Director of Beringea

Check out the 2020 MVCA Research Report 

Michael Gross, Beringea

“The annual research report has been a valuable resource for the Michigan investor community. Utilizing EntryPoint for creation of this report has continued their great reputation for gathering meaningful data and providing in depth analysis which ultimately is reflected in the final product. The latest findings highlight an all-around successful year within the Michigan ecosystem, proving the relevance and vitality that Michigan has when creating innovation and a strong entrepreneurial base. Especially during our current crisis, it is more important than ever to support the growth of these entrepreneurs as well as the investors that continue to take the risk to help make business a reality.”

Ara Topouzian, Executive Director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association (client)

Check out the 2020 MVCA Research Report 

Ara Topouzian, Michigan Venture Capital Association

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