We have been honored to be part of a strong and supportive entrepreneurial community that made our research, advocacy and support for entrepreneurs a possibility. EntryPoint, led by Emily Heintz, continues to be committed to shedding light on systemic inequities and being better allies to underrepresented groups. Below are some of EntryPoint’s favorite research, expert insights and other resources!

A big thank you from Emily Heintz and Molly Theis to everyone who has supported us and to all the entrepreneurs who inspire us every day.

Read EntryPoint’s 25 in-depth research reports

EntryPoint’s insights on entrepreneurial ecosystems across the Midwest were featured in nearly 100 publications and reached over 2.8 million people on our website and social media channels! Check out each of these reports and more on our research page!

Watch The Cackle, EntryPoint’s popular live interview series hosted by Emily Heintz!  

We enjoyed conversations with 136 business leaders and experts, reaching over 1 million people! The Cackle highlights small businesses, startups, and people who have an impact on communities across the Midwest. We explore a wide range of topics relating to the vibrancy of local economies, including: entrepreneurial journeys, economic trends, the challenges small businesses and startups face, and the importance of building a diverse and inclusive community. Learn from our guests here!

The Cackle, EntryPoint's popular live interview series hosted by Emily Heintz!  

Support small businesses across the Midwest!

The pandemic was hard on the Midwest small business community, so EntryPoint supported fellow small business owners by creating the Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide and hosting two extended special editions of The Cackle to spotlight some favorite small businesses! Encouraging people to shop locally is core to our mission of promoting entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurs. Check out the guide and the first and second special editions of The Cackle!

Hear from experts on Fostering Innovation and the Growth of Entrepreneurship

Patti Glaza (Invest Detroit), Dug Song (Duo Security), Kelly Sexton (University of Michigan Office of Technology Transfer), Justin Mast (Bloomscape), Trina Scott (Rocket Companies) and Monica Wheat (Techstars Equitech) joined EntryPoint founder, Emily Heintz, for an in-depth discussion on ways the community can better nurture startups, the impact of COVID-19, how we can build a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, significant events that have shaped the startup community in the Midwest and advice for people thinking about starting their own companies. These conversations can be found here and here!

Emily Heintz, founder of EntryPoint, hosted expert discussions on Fostering Innovation and the Growth of Entrepreneurship

Check out amazing data-driven programs that centered on the experience of entrepreneurs

The most effective programs start with listening to the needs of the community you serve and understanding the challenges, obstacles and opportunities. Spearheaded by Molly Theis, EntryPoint worked closely with thousands of entrepreneurs in the development and execution of data-driven programs. Check out some of these programs on our program page!

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