EntryPoint partners with organizations to deliver comprehensive research insights and implement effective data-driven programs that promote entrepreneurship across the Midwest.

This year, we launched an exciting livestream series that has allowed us to connect with the small business and startup community in the Midwest. What started out as an informal 15-minute live chat quickly turned into a popular weekly series, The Cackle! Every Wednesday on The Cackle, we discuss trends, challenges and what is on the horizon for the country’s small business and startup communities.

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We’re excited to continue to hear the perspectives of various industry experts discussing entrepreneurial journeys, differences between entrepreneurial ecosystems across the nation, the importance of building a diverse and inclusive community, gender parity in business, and so much more.

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Coming Soon… The Cackle Holiday Edition

The Cackle Special Edition featuring 25 small businesses throughout the Midwest

We are doing our part to support small businesses this holiday season! Don’t miss this special weeklong edition of The Cackle featuring 25 of the small business owners participating in EntryPoint’s 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide. Watch daily at 9:00 am from November 30th through December 4th!

Upcoming Guests:

Past Episodes:

Episode 38: Amy Nelson, CEO, Venture for America

Episode 37: Walt Young, Angel Investor discussing The Benefits of Investing in Diversity

Episode 36: Laura Khalil, Founder, Brave by Design discussing Building a Stronger Community After Election Day

Episode 35: Anna Mason, Partner, Rise of the Rest/Revolution discussing Rise of the Rest: Emerging Startup Ecosystems

Episode 34: Brett deMarrais, Partner, Ludlow Ventures discussing Building an Authentic Investment Relationship

Episode 33: Tim Schigel, Managing Director, Refinery Ventures discussing Growing Midwest Entrepreneurship

Episode 32: Shamar Herron, Executive Director, Michigan Works! Southeast discussing Developing a Sustainable Workforce

Episode 31: Carrie Jones, Senior Advisor to the Mayor, City of Detroit discussing How to be an Advocate for Yourself & Your Community

Episode 30: Josh Hundt, Executive Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer, Michigan Economic Development Corporation discussing State Support of Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Episode 29: Rich Chang, CEO, The New Foundry discussing The Importance of Civic & Corporate Responsibility

Episode 28: Amy Emberling, Owner & Managing Director of Zingerman’s Bakehouse discussing Building a Sustainable & Successful Business

Episode 27: Ashley Williams, Founder and CEO of RIZZARR discussing Pursuing Your Purpose in Entrepreneurship

Episode 26: Carolyn Cassin, Founder and General Partner of BELLE Michigan Impact Fund and Michigan Woman Forward discussing Advancing Equality and Opportunity for Women

Episode 25: Camila Noordeloos, Principal of Grand Ventures discussing Navigating a Career in Venture Capital

Episode 24: Seun Phillips, Co-Founder of My Big Dream Club discussing Promoting Entrepreneurship & Building Dreams

Episode 23: Sarah Anderson, Managing Director of Cintrifuse discussing How Cincinnati Will Become the #1 Tech Hub in the Midwest

Episode 22: Amy Peterson, CEO and Founder of Rebel Nell discussing Starting and Growing Your Business in Detroit

Episode 21: Jennifer Owens, President of Lakeshore Advantage discussing Community Support for Small Business Start-ups

Episode 20: Guy Turner, Managing Partner of Hyde Park Venture Partners discussing Growing Connections Across the Midwest Tech Community

Episode 19: Angela Barbash, CEO of Revalue discussing The Importance of Value-Based Investing

Episode 18: Michael Sachaj, Senior Principal of Hyde Park Angels discussing How Angel Investment Supports the Growth of the Midwest Tech Ecosystem

 Episode 17: Reilly Brennan, General Partner of Trucks Venture Capital discussing Funding and Opportunity Amidst a Shifting Reality

Episode 16: Marlin Williams, Vice President of StockX discussing How to Strengthen and Preserve a Diverse High-Tech Entrepreneurial Eco-System

Episode 15: Amanda Lewan, Co-Founder and CEO of Bamboo discussing How Work Styles and Company Culture are Evolving

Episode 14: Neel Harja, CEO of Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation discussing How the AAACF is Supporting the Ann Arbor Region Throughout the Pandemic

Episode 13: Britany Affolter-Caine, Executive Director of Michigan’s University Research Corridor discussing The Impact of Michigan Universities on the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Episode 12: Ryan Landau, Founder of purpose.jobs discussing Adapting to Shifts in the Midwest Job Market

Episode 11: Diana M. Callaghan, Managing Director of Endeavor Detroit discussing Supporting Scaleup Companies in Michigan

Episode 10: Terry Barclay, President of Inforum Michigan discussing Supporting Female Business Leaders in Chicago

Episode 9: Ara Topouzian, Executive Director of Michigan Ventures Capital Association discussing The Evolution of the Michigan Venture Capital Community

Episode 8: April Boyle, Founder and Executive Director of Build Institute discussing Building Businesses and Opportunities in Detroit

Episode 7: Mike Psarouthakis, Director of U-M Tech Transfer of University of Michigan discussing Cutting Edge Technologies and the Growth of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Episode 6: Patti Glaza, EVP and Managing Director of Invest Detroit Ventures discussing Supporting Tech Startups During Economic Crisis

Episode 5: Shane Bliemaster, Founder of Marketing Supply Company discussing How to Leverage Digital Marketing During & After COVID-19

Episode 5: Shane Bliemaster, Founder of Marketing Supply Company discussing How to Leverage Digital Marketing During & After COVID-19

Episode 4: Ted Serbinski, Venture Capital Investor of Techstars discussing The Future of Mobility After COVID-19

Episode 3: Alison Todak, Managing Director of Cahoots discussing Supporting Startup Communities Amid COVID-19

Episode 3: Alison Todak, Managing Director at Cahoots discussing Supporting Startup Communities Amid COVID-19

Episode 2: Monica Wheat, Founder and Partner of Venture Catalysts discussing Supporting Underrepresented Founders During COVID-19

Episode 1: Jeff Rinvelt, Principal of Renaissance Venture Capital discussing How Can Venture Firms Support Portfolio Companies During COVID-19?

Episode 1: Jeff Rinvelt, Principal at Renaissance Venture Capital discussing How Can Venture Firms Support Portfolio Companies During COVID-19?

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