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The Cackle highlights small businesses, startups, and people who have an impact on communities across the Midwest. We explore a wide range of topics relating to the vibrancy of local economies, including: entrepreneurial journeys, economic trends, the challenges small businesses and startups face, and the importance of building a diverse and inclusive community.

Starting July 26th, The Cackle will be expanding to Mondays for six weeks so we can feature even more small business owners! For this six-week special edition of The Cackle, EntryPoint will celebrating small businesses from across the Midwest that have been supporting their customers and giving people a sense of community during this challenging year. Companies can apply here to be featured on the special edition OR community-members can quickly nominate their favorite local business here.

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Check out past episodes of The Cackle below and dig a bit deeper into topics in our blog series: Keep Cackling!

Special Edition Celebrating Midwest Small Businesses
Week Two – August 2nd

Episode 64: Ashley Woods Branch, Founder & CEO, Detour Detroit
Public Relations 101 for Small Businesses and Startups

Special Edition Celebrating Midwest Small Businesses
Week One – July 26th

Episode 63: Carrie Leahy, Attorney, Bodman PLC
Legal Insights for Startups

Episode 62: Kate Hernandez, Partner, Detroit Venture Partners
Detroit’s Growing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Episode 61: Kelly Sexton, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Research, University of Michigan
Spinning Out Cutting-Edge Ideas and Technologies.

Special Edition #3 – Genesee County Small Businesses

Special Edition #2 – Genesee County Small Businesses

Special Edition #1 – Genesee County Small Businesses

Episode 60: Intisar Bashir, Founder, Browndages
Entrepreneurship, Trailblazing, and Small Business Growth

Episode 59: Elizabeth Edwards, Founder & Managing Partner, H Venture Partners
Investing in Fundamental Human Needs

Episode 58: Ben Bernstein, Principal, Invest Detroit Ventures
A Fresh Approach to Venture Capital

Episode 57: Trey Boynton, Director of Inclusion & Collaboration Strategy & Solutions, Cisco
Increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Episode 56: Mike Asem, Partner, M25
Midwest Venture Capital Investment Strategies

Episode 55: Rajiv Nathan, Founder, Startup Hypeman
A Non-Traditional Approach to Marketing your Business

Episode 54: Erin Amico, Chief Marketing Office, P33 Chicago
The Art of Storytelling & How it will Transform Chicago

Episode 53: Marc Howland, Co-Founder & CEO, Breadless
Growing an Idea into a Successful Business

Episode 52: Alisyn Malek, Executive Director, Commission on the Future of Mobility
The Future of Mobility

Episode 51: Joe Malcoun, Investor and Entrepreneur
Network and Community Building Strategies

Episode 50: Kate Mitchell, Partner and Co-Founder, Scale Venture Partners
Trends in Entrepreneurship from a Top Venture Capitalist

Episode 49: Blessing Adesiyan, Founder and CEO, Mother Honestly and Villo
A Working Parent’s Guide to Achieving Balance and Success

Ep #48: Yelitsa Jean-Charles, Founder and CEO, Healthy Roots Dolls
Badass Business Strategies for Bold Entrepreneurs

Ep #47: Aaron Graham Gillum, SVP, 50 South Capital
Growing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Indiana and Across the Midwest

Ep #46: Jennifer Bradley, Director, Center for Urban Innovation at the Aspen Institute
Building a Culture of Innovation & Inclusivity

Ep #45: Regina Campbell, President & CEO, Build Institute
Creating Economic Growth in Local Business Communities

Ep #44: Adrian Ohmer, Investment Director, The Kresge Foundation
Investing and Expanding Opportunities for Financial Returns

Ep #43: Mahendra Ramsinghani, Managing Director, Secure Octane
Tech Startups to Watch in 2021

Ep #42: Melinda Briana Epler, Founder & CEO, Change Catalyst
Continuing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Work in 2021

Special Edition #5: 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide

Special Edition #4: 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide

Special Edition #3: 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide

Special Edition #2: 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide

Special Edition #1: 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide

Ep 38: Amy Nelson, CEO, Venture for America
Mobilizing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Episode 37: Walt Young, Angel Investor discussing The Benefits of Investing in Diversity

Episode 36: Laura Khalil, Founder, Brave by Design discussing Building a Stronger Community After Election Day

Episode 35: Anna Mason, Partner, Rise of the Rest/Revolution discussing Rise of the Rest: Emerging Startup Ecosystems

Episode 34: Brett deMarrais, Partner, Ludlow Ventures discussing Building an Authentic Investment Relationship

Episode 33: Tim Schigel, Managing Director, Refinery Ventures discussing Growing Midwest Entrepreneurship

Episode 32: Shamar Herron, Executive Director, Michigan Works! Southeast discussing Developing a Sustainable Workforce

Episode 31: Carrie Jones, Senior Advisor to the Mayor, City of Detroit discussing How to be an Advocate for Yourself & Your Community

Episode 30: Josh Hundt, Executive Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer, Michigan Economic Development Corporation discussing State Support of Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Episode 29: Rich Chang, CEO, The New Foundry discussing The Importance of Civic & Corporate Responsibility

Episode 28: Amy Emberling, Owner & Managing Director of Zingerman’s Bakehouse discussing Building a Sustainable & Successful Business

Episode 27: Ashley Williams, Founder and CEO of RIZZARR discussing Pursuing Your Purpose in Entrepreneurship

Episode 26: Carolyn Cassin, Founder and General Partner of BELLE Michigan Impact Fund and Michigan Woman Forward discussing Advancing Equality and Opportunity for Women

Episode 25: Camila Noordeloos, Principal of Grand Ventures discussing Navigating a Career in Venture Capital

Episode 24: Seun Phillips, Co-Founder of My Big Dream Club discussing Promoting Entrepreneurship & Building Dreams

Heidi Craun, Head of Customer Experience at Clearcover, Co-Founder & President of Intermitten discussing Increasing Equity and Justice in Our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Episode 23: Sarah Anderson, Managing Director of Cintrifuse discussing How Cincinnati Will Become the #1 Tech Hub in the Midwest

Episode 22: Amy Peterson, CEO and Founder of Rebel Nell discussing Starting and Growing Your Business in Detroit

Episode 21: Jennifer Owens, President of Lakeshore Advantage discussing Community Support for Small Business and Startups

Episode 20: Guy Turner, Managing Partner of Hyde Park Venture Partners discussing Growing Connections Across the Midwest Tech Community

Episode 19: Angela Barbash, CEO of Revalue discussing The Importance of Value-Based Investing

Episode 18: Michael Sachaj, Senior Principal of Hyde Park Angels discussing How Angel Investment Supports the Growth of the Midwest Tech Ecosystem

 Episode 17: Reilly Brennan, General Partner of Trucks Venture Capital discussing Funding and Opportunity Amidst a Shifting Reality

Episode 16: Marlin Williams, Vice President of StockX discussing How to Strengthen and Preserve a Diverse High-Tech Entrepreneurial Eco-System

Episode 15: Amanda Lewan, Co-Founder and CEO of Bamboo discussing How Work Styles and Company Culture are Evolving

Episode 14: Neel Harja, CEO of Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation discussing How the AAACF is Supporting the Ann Arbor Region Throughout the Pandemic

Episode 13: Britany Affolter-Caine, Executive Director of Michigan’s University Research Corridor discussing The Impact of Michigan Universities on the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Episode 12: Ryan Landau, Founder of purpose.jobs discussing Adapting to Shifts in the Midwest Job Market

Episode 11: Diana M. Callaghan, Managing Director of Endeavor Detroit discussing Supporting Scaleup Companies in Michigan

Episode 10: Terry Barclay, President of Inforum Michigan discussing Supporting Female Business Leaders in Michigan

Episode 9: Ara Topouzian, Executive Director of Michigan Ventures Capital Association discussing The Evolution of the Michigan Venture Capital Community

Episode 8: April Boyle, Founder and Executive Director of Build Institute discussing Building Businesses and Opportunities in Detroit

Episode 7: Mike Psarouthakis, Director of U-M Tech Transfer of University of Michigan discussing Cutting Edge Technologies and the Growth of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Episode 6: Patti Glaza, EVP and Managing Director of Invest Detroit Ventures discussing Supporting Tech Startups During Economic Crisis

Episode 5: Shane Bliemaster, Founder of Marketing Supply Company discussing How to Leverage Digital Marketing During & After COVID-19

Episode 5: Shane Bliemaster, Founder of Marketing Supply Company discussing How to Leverage Digital Marketing During & After COVID-19

Episode 4: Ted Serbinski, Venture Capital Investor of Techstars discussing The Future of Mobility After COVID-19

Episode 3: Alison Todak, Managing Director of Cahoots discussing Supporting Startup Communities Amid COVID-19

Episode 3: Alison Todak, Managing Director at Cahoots discussing Supporting Startup Communities Amid COVID-19

Episode 2: Monica Wheat, Founder and Partner of Venture Catalysts discussing Supporting Underrepresented Founders During COVID-19

Episode 1: Jeff Rinvelt, Principal of Renaissance Venture Capital discussing How Can Venture Firms Support Portfolio Companies During COVID-19?

Episode 1: Jeff Rinvelt, Principal at Renaissance Venture Capital discussing How Can Venture Firms Support Portfolio Companies During COVID-19?
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