On EntryPoint’s weekly livestream, The Cackle, we meet with small businesses, startups, and people having an impact on communities across the Midwest to connect the dots between economic trends and the lived experiences of people navigating them. In 2020, EntryPoint had great conversations with 40+ thought leaders from across the country and in 2021, we are digging a little deeper with those guests in a blog series we call: Keep Cackling!

Check out the blog series below along with our conversation when they were a guest on The Cackle!

Adapting to the New Normal: The long-term impact of COVID on startup talent

It has been one year since we went into quarantine. Startups across the world experienced the transition from busy team offices, frequent travel to conferences, and in-person sales meetings to managing a workforce all remotely. Predictions had people back at work in May or June of 2020, then September, then January 2021, and now most are saying it will likely be this fall before enough workers are immunized to risk having teams fully back together in one office…Keep Cackling with Patti Glaza from ID Ventures

Patti Glaza from ID Ventures on The Cackle in 2020

Serving Small Businesses and Startups: The Easy Button, it’s up to you to push it

In my conversation with Emily Heintz in July 2020, I shared that the goal of Lakeshore Advantage in serving small businesses and startups in our community is that they see us as the “Easy Button”… Keep Cackling with Jennifer Owens from Lakeshore Advantage

Jennifer Owens from Lakeshore Advantage on The Cackle in 2020

A Tipping Point for Values-Based Investing

When Emily Heintz and I spoke in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, a shift in the world was already afoot. We had no idea what the following year would bring societal energy to put our money where our values are…. Keep Cackling with Angela Barbash from Revalue

Angela Barbash from Revalue on The Cackle in 2020

Work Styles and Company Culture in a Post-Pandemic World

Last year when I was on The Cackle, the world was just adjusting to life in quarantine. A year later, in many ways, the end of the pandemic is on the horizon. At Bamboo, we’ve witnessed firsthand the trends of new and hybrid work styles emerge, and we are continuing to see them take shape today. While much about the future of work remains unknown, it’s clear that work for many will remain more flexible than before the pandemic…. Keep Cackling with Amanda Lewan from Bamboo

Amanda Lewan from Bamboo on The Cackle in 2020

The Recruiting Industry is Changing—And it’s not Just Because of COVID-19

There’s no doubt that 2020 changed the way we do a lot of things. How we shop, see our friends, and of course, how we work. Not only did the Covid-19 pandemic cause an abrupt shift in where we work, as millions of people were forced to work from home. But it’s also creating some lasting changes in the way we work, look for jobs, hire, and treat employees. The recruiting industry is changing… Keep Cackling with Ryan Landau from Purpose Jobs

Ryan Landau from Purpose Jobs on The Cackle in 2020

So, you’re interested in starting a business in Detroit…

I chatted about my entrepreneurial journey in Detroit with Emily on an episode of The Cackle, but let’s dig deeper into some of the details about starting a business in Detroit… Keep Cackling with Amy Peterson from Rebel Nell

Amy Peterson from Rebel Nell on The Cackle in 2020

Multiply Your Impact: Supporting Scaleup Companies

In 2007, on one of my daily walks to work, I saw a long line emerge outside of the iconic cube-shaped Apple Store on Manhattan’s  5th Avenue. People were camped out—with actual tents and camping gear—to buy the first release of the iPhone. Day after day, I would watch that line grow, with young techies anxiously awaiting this new innovation that would inevitably transform our lives… Keep Cackling with Diana M. Callaghan from Endeavor Detroit

Diana Callaghan from Endeavor Detroit on The Cackle in 2020

Stay tuned to The Cackle for more conversations and keep an eye on EntryPoint’s blog for more thought leadership from small businesses, startups, and people who have an impact on communities across the Midwest.

We LOVE working with people that are strategic, value listening to the needs of community members, and are passionate about building more opportunity in their communities. 

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