Implementing effective data-driven programs should be easy, and while navigating in a world that is constantly changing is difficult, knowing how to support local businesses shouldn’t be. That’s why we’re doubling down on transparency and bringing you a comprehensive report about the impact of COVID-19 on businesses in Washtenaw County. From retail stores with 2 employees to software companies with over 250 employees, we breakdown the business impact of the recent pandemic.

Research insights were developed from a survey distributed by the Washtenaw County Community Task Force, which consists of over 30 local foundations, associations, chambers, and economic development organizations. The survey received 403 responses, resulting in 9,672 unique data points. The findings represent 21 sectors of business, 30 municipalities and businesses ranging in size from one to 5,000 employees.

“We developed the Washtenaw County COVID-19 Business Impact Report to measure the impact of the pandemic and necessary distancing actions on local businesses. We reached out to our partners in Washtenaw County to see if they would be interested in working with us. The answer was a resounding yes, demonstrating the critical need for data to guide the development of local programs,” said Emily Heintz, founder and managing director of EntryPoint. “We wanted to provide local policymakers, foundations, and other community-focused organizations with the research insights needed to implement more effective programs to support Washtenaw County businesses. The goal is for residents, businesses and community-focused organizations to use the data to support local businesses during and long after the pandemic.”

Download the Washtenaw County COVID-19 Business Impact Report Here

Check out the EntryPoint Data and Program Development Guide to learn more about utilizing research insights to implement effective
data-driven programs that support entrepreneurs and small businesses

Also, check out this spreadsheet of Ann Arbor-area Black-owned businesses!

What you’ll learn:

  • Whether businesses are hiring
  • Whether businesses received the PPP loan
  • What businesses felt prepared for the shift due shelter-in-place
  • What actions businesses have taken to reduce costs
  • How much business revenues have changed
  • How the pandemic has affected racial minority-led businesses
  • Ways local businesses are helping our community weather the storm
  • Ideas for successful business pivots
  • Ways residents in the region can help local businesses survive

About EntryPoint

EntryPoint is a nonprofit research institution that aims to promote entrepreneurship across the Midwest. The organization believes that the best research takes a holistic approach to data acquisition and analysis, and as such, seeks to build meaningful partnerships with corporations, community foundations, entrepreneurial support organizations, and other groups. Working in tandem with these partners, EntryPoint develops comprehensive research reports that deliver insights on strengths and challenges facing companies, communities, and the broader region. Research findings are used to design and implement effective programs to promote entrepreneurship by fostering an inclusive culture, expanding networks, and facilitating education and advocacy. EntryPoint is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

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