Crain’s 10/30/2018: Detroit startup report: Money grows, but diversity lagging

“More money is funneling into Detroit’s tech startup community, but the list of companies gaining traction still doesn’t reflect the makeup of the city, according to a new report.  Ann Arbor-based research startup EntryPoint on Tuesday released its 2018 Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report.”
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A new report released this week show 56 percent of venture capital was invested in information technology startups over the past year. More than 25 percent of venture-backed startups in Michigan are now located in Detroit.

Crain’s 9/23/2018: Distance between Ann Arbor and Detroit shrinking as entrepreneur links strengthen

“Bill Ford Jr. envisions the 104-year-old train depot in Detroit that Ford Motor Co. bought this year could create a mobility corridor on Michigan Avenue from Detroit to Ann Arbor.  But the connection between those two cities — one that was tenuous at best only a year ago — is already beginning to blossom as Detroit’s entrepreneurial community grows.”
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Concentrate 9/12/2018: What does Duo Security’s sale mean for the Ann Arbor area and its tech industry?

“Ann Arbor-area entrepreneurs and tech industry insiders are still buzzing about the larger implications of Ann Arbor-based cybersecurity company Duo Security’s early August sale to San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco for $2.35 billion.”
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Xconomy 8/9/2018:  Lack of Diversity isn’t a “Pipeline Problem,” it’s a Network Problem

“The primary reason investment portfolios are predominately male and Caucasian isn’t because there is a “pipeline problem,” it’s because there is a network problem. Research shows that your network predominately looks like and comes from a similar background as you.”
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Crain’s 8/5/2018:  Duo Security’s mammoth deal could have ripple effects

“Last fall, Duo Security Inc. toasted a venture capital deal that valued the company at more than a billion dollars.  Now, just nine months later, its founders and investors are toasting a sale of the company that more than doubled that value.  And the ripples from that deal could be felt for years to come.  Last week, the Ann Arbor-based computer security company agreed to be acquired by Cisco Systems Inc. for $2.35 billion nine months after being valued at half that amount.”
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Xconomy 5/18/2018:  EntryPoint Aims to Increase Inclusion, Diversity in Startup Ecosystem

“Innovation benefits from different perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas, but it’s hard to access those ideas if one is in an echo chamber—to the entire ecosystem’s detriment.  That’s why EntryPoint, a new effort to advance inclusion in the local entrepreneurial community, is underway in Michigan.”
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Concentrate 5/16/2018: New Ann Arbor company aims to strengthen Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

“After five years serving Michigan’s entrepreneurial community as associate director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA), Emily Heintz is becoming an entrepreneur herself.”
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M2 TechCast 5/14/2018 (Episode 127): EntryPoint, Creative Consortium, Cybernoor

Emily Heintz talks about her new project, EntryPoint, that seeks to fill the gaps in Michigan entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Listen here. 5/10/2018: EntryPoint Seeks To Fill The Funding, Training Gaps In Michigan Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

“Emily Heintz, Associate Director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association, has spent a decade working with a wide range of entrepreneurial support groups and startups, in which she found gaps in funding, talent and research that she felt needed to be filled.”
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Crain’s 5/8/2018:  Venture capital, entrepreneurship expert launches connector startup

“Emily Heintz, a finance professional with a breadth of experience supporting the state’s venture capital and entrepreneurship communities, has launched her own startup.”
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