For the first time ever, the state of small business in Genesee County is going under the economic microscope.

In early 2021, EntryPoint announces its newest Flint and Genesee County small business and entrepreneurial research initiative. In partnership with Flint & Genesee Chamber’s economic development unit, EntryPoint is developing a comprehensive research report on its business community. The report, which aims to be an annual initiative, will help local economic development organizations and community leaders understand the challenges and opportunities confronting local businesses and entrepreneurs. EntryPoint’s first order of business is working closely with the Chamber and other local organizations to distribute a short Business Landscape Survey to area businesses to develop a profile of the local business environment and assess strengths, obstacles and resource accessibility in the region.

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The survey distribution began in mid-January and responses will be accepted through the end of February.

“We’re seeking input from at least 650 businesses to get a good cross-section of the local business community,” said Tyler Rossmaessler, the Chamber’s director of economic development. “We want to better understand the general challenges of running a business as well as the issues that are unique to our community.”

EntryPoint, Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce and a task force of local foundations, economic development, and other community-facing organizations will collaborate to urge all businesses in Genesee County to complete the seven minute Business Landscape Survey. All industry sectors are encouraged to participate in the survey, from restaurants to fitness studios to manufacturers. The Genesee County Community Task Force includes Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce, The Mott Foundation, 100K Ideas, City of Flint, Charter Township of MundyCity of Grand BlancCommunity Foundation of Greater FlintDiscover Flint Township, Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan, and Michigan Small Business Development Center (MI-SBDC), among others.

More about the Flint and Genesee County Small Business and Entrepreneurial Research Partnership with EntryPoint…

The Chamber partnered with EntryPoint for the Flint and Genesee County small business and entrepreneurial research initiative specifically because of our specialization in developing comprehensive research reports that analyze startup and small business ecosystems across the Midwest. Last year, EntryPoint developed and published several research reports on the economic health and growth potential of the Ann Arbor, Detroit, and greater Midwest regions. In May 2020, our organization also conducted a COVID-19 Business Impact Report to analyze the impact of the virus and related shifts in business operations in order to provide recommendations and real-time updates to foundations and business support organizations (an update to this report is currently in development!).

Using both quantitative and qualitative data, our research insights into Genesee County’s business community will inform future initiatives and programs. Given the economic toll of the pandemic over the past year, a report centered on local businesses and their current and ongoing challenges is vitally needed to help guide business leaders in their decision-making. The report will be released publicly and widely distributed in late spring 2021.

“The responses from the survey will provide critical insight into the business ecosystem across Genesee County,” said EntryPoint Founder and Managing Director, Emily Heintz. “The resulting report will help local economic development organizations and community leaders be better advocates for the business community and promote the growth of programs that will help the county move forward and come out of the pandemic stronger together.”

EntryPoint will analyze all data collected from the survey, additional extensive research and interviews to provide detailed insight on the county’s business environment while utilizing real-life stories and examples to illustrate the highlights, trends, and opportunities that characterize the community, all published in report to be completed by May 31. Tentatively titled, “2021 Genesee County Business Landscape Analysis,” this resulting report will be a high-quality comprehensive analysis of the business environment to aid local economic development organizations and community leaders in better advocating for the business community, and also to develop programs to help the county move forward and come out of the pandemic stronger together.

At EntryPoint, we LOVE working with economic development organizations and nonprofits that are strategic, value listening to the needs of community members, and are passionate about building more opportunity and vibrancy in their communities. 

EntryPoint is a registered 501(c)(3).

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