Episode #56: Midwest Venture Capital Investment Strategies

EntryPoint - The Cackle - Mike Asem M25

The Cackle Ep56: Mike Asem, Partner, M25, joins The Cackle to discuss Midwest venture capital investment strategies. **Aired Wednesday, April 21st on Facebook Live, Twitter, or LinkedIn at 10:30 am EST** https://youtu.be/y3414y6yTzk Mike discussing Midwest venture capital investment strategies Mike Asem is a passionate entrepreneur, Midwest venture capital investor and startup advisor. Today he spends most of his time…

Why Ann Arbor is One of the Midwest’s Most Resilient Economies

Ann Arbor Startups

  Economic downturns destabilize even the strongest economic ecosystems. Ann Arbor’s twenty years of growth has been put to the test several times, and each time the city and surrounding region has proven to demonstrate a successful progression in building a thriving entrepreneurial community.   This year has proven to be a year defined by…

Why Detroit is Poised for Rapid Entrepreneurial Growth

Detroit Startups

This year was unexpected to say the least. As the Founder and Managing Director of EntryPoint, a nonprofit research institution that delivers comprehensive research insights and implements effective data-driven programs to promote entrepreneurship across the Midwest, I’ve seen the data on where the Detroit entrepreneurial community stands before and after the many curveballs small businesses…