While 2020 was a year of constant navigation for our small but mighty team, we are thrilled to share EntryPoint’s 2020 research activities and programs. We are thankful for our health and to have a team that pulls together during the hard times!  We have a lot to be proud of!!

We are honored to be part of a strong and supportive entrepreneurial community that makes the initiatives we are working on a possibility. We continue to be committed to shedding light on systemic inequities and being better allies to underrepresented groups. Thank you to our board of directors for your continued support and expertise and to all the entrepreneurs who inspire us every day.

2020 Research Activities and Programs:

Ran a small business during a pandemic with four kids at home!  Didn’t go (too) crazy!

EntryPoint Family Photo 2020 Research Activities and Programs

Launched The Cackle, our weekly live interview series!  

We enjoyed over 40 episodes this year, reaching over 80,000 people! You can see episodes each week on Wednesdays at 10:30 AM EST on our Facebook and Twitter pages. View past/upcoming episodes here.

Screenshot of The Cackle  2020 Research Activities and Programs

Developed and Published the 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide!

The pandemic made shopping difficult this year, so EntryPoint did our part to support our local community by creating the 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide! Encouraging people to shop locally is core to our mission of promoting entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurs. Check out the guide and the special edition of The Cackle!

Cover image of the 2020 Midwest Shop Local Gift Guide

Hosted a discussion on Fostering Innovation and the Growth of Entrepreneurship

This popular panel discussion featured Patti Glaza (Invest Detroit), Dug Song (Duo Security), and Kelly Sexton (University of Michigan Office of Technology Transfer). The conversation covered ways the community can better nurture startups, the impact of COVID-19, how we can build a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, significant events that have shaped the startup community and advice for people thinking about starting their own companies.  Hear the conversation.

virtual event  2020 Research Activities and Programs

Had 951,354,798,625,452 video calls during 2020, shattering our record of 3 in 2019!

Emily and Molly  2020 Research Activities and Programs

Was designated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization!  read more

EntryPoint Midwest Startup Ecosystem Research & Data

Developed and published SIX in-depth research reports that were featured in 50 articles and reached over 900,000 people on our website and social media channels!

Check out each of these reports and more on our research landing page!

At EntryPoint, we LOVE working with economic development organizations and nonprofits that are strategic, value listening to the needs of community members, and are passionate about building more opportunity and vibrancy in their communities. 

EntryPoint is a registered 501(c)(3).

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