The Cackle: Episode #37

The Benefits of Investing in Diversity

SPECIAL GUEST: Walt Young, Angel Investor
WATCH: Wednesday, November 11th on Facebook Live or Twitter at 10:30 am EST


Up next in Episode #37 of The Cackle, Walt Young will join us to discuss the benefits of investing in diversity. Walt Young has 50 years experience in leading organizations.  For the first 36 years, he held senior positions at four public companies: BF Goodrich, The Budd Company, The Henley Group and Champion Enterprises. Of the 90 businesses Walt has backed (with $120+ million capital), the majority were led by women or immigrants!  With winners like Accuri, Weathershield, CelSee and Swift, over 500 employees were added in Michigan.  All with a 2.6X cash on cash return.

What’s the secret to Walt’s success? Find out on our next episode of The Cackle on November 11th!


Watch The Cackle, with special guest Walt Young, on Wednesday, November 11th!

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