The Cackle: Episode #32

Developing a Sustainable Workforce

SPECIAL GUEST: Shamar Herron, Executive Director at Michigan Works! Southeast
AIRED ON: Wednesday, October 7th on Facebook Live at 10:30 am EST


Shamar Herron, Executive Director at Michigan Works! Southeast, joins The Cackle to discuss developing a sustainable workforce.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Shamar Herron learned very quickly that he had options. He could let his unfavorable surroundings dictate his future, or he could forge his own path. Shamar chose the latter and began working hard towards his success. After growing six inches in one summer, Herron knew his passion for basketball could help him achieve his goals. After a long process, Shamar chose to attend The Ohio State University, where he helped lead his basketball team to the NCAA Final Four in 1999. While Shamar saw minimal time on the court, he was a consummate and dependable teammate. That skill is one of his best traits in the business world. As the Deputy Director of Michigan Works! Southeast, Shamar leads teams that focus on helping people craft and achieve their goals toward a career and connecting talent to business needs. Mr. Herron also serves as a liaison between executive thought and day to day outputs. His background in economic development, mentoring, and data analysis allows him to play in a variety of arenas. Shamar sits on multiple boards from Youth development to Prisoner reentry. Working with the Director, Shamar will continue to learn and grow as a member of this team!

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