The Cackle: Episode #32

Developing a Sustainable Workforce

SPECIAL GUEST: Shamar Herron, Executive Director at Michigan Works! Southeast
WATCH: Wednesday, October 7th on Facebook Live at 10:30 am EST

 In Episode #32 of The Cackle, learn how developing a sustainable workforce can create more economic opportunity. Joining us this week will be Shamar Herron who was recently appointed to Executive Director of Michigan Works! Southeast. Michigan Works! connects local talent and job leaders with the advocacy, training, and information tools they need to be successful in their communities. Want to understand how economic development organizations can best support startups and small businesses at this time? Find out on EntryPoint’s weekly interview series, a 30-minute conversation on Developing a Sustainable Workforce with EntryPoint founder, Emily Heintz.

EntryPoint The Cackle Shamar Herron MichiganWorks Developing a sustainable workforce

Watch The Cackle, with special guest Shamar Herron, Executive Director at Michigan Works! Southeast, on Wednesday, October 7th!

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