EntryPoint is excited to lead the most comprehensive and inclusive community research initiative about investment activity in Washtenaw County. With our partners Revalue and the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, we will gather first-time data from all investment classes to understand how capital flows in the County as well as discover more opportunities for investment. The report will offer detailed insights into the capital environment in the County by providing investment highlights and trends while spotlighting local companies and opportunities to increase investment in undercapitalized areas. The 2020 Washtenaw County Capital Report will be available in the spring of 2020, and the findings will be used to inform future investment activities and strategic programming priorities.

The 2020 Washtenaw County Capital Report will provide valuable insights about regional investment activity of area residents, experienced individual investors, and large investment institutions. When the report is released, it will be the most robust summary to date of investment activity throughout the County.

Why is this report necessary in 2020? Washtenaw County has a diverse population with increasingly diverse needs across both rural and urban areas. As we enter a new decade, the insights we gather will be critical for capital investment decision-makers to make conscious choices about where and how they invest now and in the future. The ultimate goal of the report is to increase positive economic and quality of life outcomes that align with the community values and prosperity objectives shared by the area’s many stakeholders.

We are particularly excited to be the research leader on this project and will apply our data-driven expertise to increase inclusion, community engagement and education. The report will contain both quantitative and qualitative information to illustrate highlights, trends, and gaps present in the community, with actionable analytics and analysis to drive initiatives that encourage constructive capital investments. The report provides a comprehensive landscape analysis that will focus on Washtenaw County community-based businesses in the real estate, food systems, independently owned main street retail, caregiving and education sectors.

After the release of the 2020 Washtenaw County Capital Report, EntryPoint will be working closely with our partners to lead community engagement initiatives to educate stakeholders about community-based investing and strategies to grow local businesses.

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