Have you ever spent a day at a conference and, at the end of it, thought: “Well, I’ll never get those eight hours back”?  When it comes to conferences, there are definitely a few that don’t add practical value, can’t convene a relevant group for you to network with, or haven’t thoughtfully chosen speakers.

Emily Heintz (EntryPoint) & Heidi Craun (Intermitten)

Intermitten is not one of those conferences.

Happening this year in Ann Arbor on June 4, Intermitten is one of the Midwest’s best places to connect with entrepreneurs, community leaders, company executives, and individual contributors and come away with actionable insights and real relationships. We found the event incredibly valuable last year and left with so many valuable insights that we decided to become a platinum sponsor this year!  (props to Intermitten co-founder Heidi Craun and the rest of the team!)

Intermitten is designed to connect the Midwest entrepreneurial community, and highlight it as a hub of and destination for innovative talent and thought leadership.  The speakers use their diverse experiences and background to help the audience explore and celebrate community, diversity and collaboration. I love hearing inspiring stories of entrepreneurial journeys with actionable insights that can applied to organizations after the conference. This year’s lineup includes local, regional and national talent, including a fireside chat with Duo Security’s Dug Song, Backstage Capital’s Chacho Valadez and Monica Wheat (who we are thrilled to also have on EntryPoint’s advisory board!), conversations about accessibility and intersectional identities from two-time Paralympian and public policy advisor Karin Korb, and many more.

After the conference, there’s an Intermixer Afterparty at Ann Arbor’s legendary live music venue The Blind Pig! We’ll be at the event connecting with attendees over food, drinks and music.

If you’re part of the Midwest’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, you don’t want to miss this event. Register here (hot tip: use discount code CHANGEMAKER).  And be sure to tweet at me or EntryPoint that you’re coming so we can meet up and say hello!

 Hope to see you on June 4 at Intermitten!

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